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Sebastien de la Bastie

Managing Director - at Invoxia

Sébastien’s passion for innovation and superior business acumen fuel invoxia’s international growth. He brings over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience growing and scaling telecommunications and consumer electronics companies. He started at Inventel in 2000, where he rapidly grew the VoIP telephony business, leading to his having joined the company’s board of directors in 2004. In 2005, Sébastien transitioned to Thomson (now Thales Group) where he brought to market – via international telecom operators and retailers – various products for voice, music and video wireless streaming. In 2009, Sébastien founded Swissvoice’s subsidiary in Hong Kong. He went on to become managing director of Swissvoice in 2012, leading the company from its Switzerland headquarters. In 2013, Swissvoice became a part of the invoxia group, of which Sébastien has served as its Managing Director ever since. Sébastien holds engineering degrees from Ecole Centrale Paris and University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) as well as an MBA from Collège des Ingénieurs.