French Tech Start-up Showcase & Contest

To promote French innovation in every field of the economy, La French Touch Conference is hosting a French Tech Start-up Showcase & Contest in two parts. The competing start-ups have already been selected and will soon be announced. They will pitch in NYC in front of potential business partners and investors. Congratulations to the winners: Evercontact and Rebagg

First part

The first part will showcase early stage start-ups based in France and that want to break into the US market; these startups might be the innovation stars of tomorrow. They have already succeeded in France and that are now going to launch in the US and become the next big thing.
Winner: Evercontact

Second Part

The second part will present major French start-ups, founded by French entrepreneurs in the United States. These startups have kept their "French Touch" spirit despite their implementation in the USA.
Winner: Rebagg

To find out more about our projects,

LETITSEED, Contest official partner

LETITSEED is a crowdfunding platform (through financial securities) designed to collect funds from investors via the Internet in order to finance projects of SMEs that are not publicly traded, such as rapidly growing start-ups. LETITSEED is owned and operated by EOS Venture, the first company in France to receive ISP licensing from the ACPR and the AMF. With this license, investors are guaranteed rigorous investment standards and businesses can raise unlimited funds, legally and publicly disclosing information about their campaigns.