We wanted to bring together business, innovation and creativity in a perfect and explosive alchemy.

Energy, commitments and especially a certain amount of confidence were necessary to make this crazy project come real. We have gained the confidence of all the 60 entrepreneurs, 2 ministers and 30 partners companies that took part in the first edition and made of it a unique experience.

This project would have been impossible with the strong support of Axa and French Tech that believed in this ambitious initiative from the outset.

We are happy to show them that they were right to trust us by pursuing the adventure with them so that La French Touch Conference becomes every year a major and international event.


Jean-David Blanc, Marc Simoncini, Arnaud de Puyfontaine, Ingrid, Aymeril Huoang, Fleur Pellerin, Axelle Lemaire, Alain Bankier, Romain Hatchuel, Dominique Delport, Emmanuel Saint-Martin, Camille Biderman Roisen, Olivier Hascoat, Elizabeth Johnston, Nicolas Dufourcq, Laurent Chemla, Raouthi Chehih, La France Digital team, David Monteau , Philippe Hayat, Fabrice Grinda, Mathieu & Romain Nouzareth, Cyril Zimmerman, Clara Deletraz, Marie Ekland, Stephane Aknin, Guillaume Prunier, Nicolas Leroux, Philippe Dewost, Matt Turk et sans oublier Héléne, Nataniel, Vadim et Eden Duval.


Frederic Mazzella, Didier Rappaport, Pierre Valade, Ludovic Le Moan, Ilan Abehassera, Alexandre Mars, Marie Ekeland, Emmanuel Schalit, Matthew Breen, Micha Anthenor Benoliel, Jean-Baptiste Hironde, Quentin Sannié, Jenny Fielding, Laurent Allard, Cyril Zimmermann, Jeremy Le Van, Jean-Louis Benard, Gabriel de Montessus, Jerome Lecat, Stephan Dietrich, David Rose, Julie Hasson, Rachel Delacour, Eric Hippeau, John Frankel, Rodrigo Sepúlveda Schulz , Yann Lecun, Romain Serman, Rahaf Harfoush, Morad Elhafed, Ora Ito, John Frankel, Jean-David Chamboredon, Greg Lambrecht, Denis Ladegaillerie, Benoist Grossmann et James Brooks.


AXA, La French Tech, Letitseed, Acsel, Idinvest, HiPay, INPI, Bpifrance, JeChange.fr, France Digitale, Ambassade de France, Spoke, OOSHOT, Brainsonic, Journal du Net, TheMediaShaker.com, Maddyness, Consulat Général de France à New York.