Axa La French Tech

21 & 22
June 2016

Axa La French Tech

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The next June 21 and 22

The French touch conference is...

  • Keynotes

    Round Table
    et Keynotes

    Both entrepreneurs and thinkers will come to debate and share their experiences about innovation, business, and creativity and about how all three interact together.

  • Networking

    Networking events &
    Business meetings

    Networking events where the different actors of the French and American ecosystems gather and exchange in an environment favorable to the emergence of innovative ideas.

  • Startup

    Startup Contest
    & French tech ticket

    The most up-and-coming startups will pitch in front of a jury of American and French investors and investment funds. French Tech tickets will be delivered during the Conference.

  • USA
  • France

The French Tech meets the NYC Tech Ecosystem



From both sides

Gaël Duval

Gaël Duval

Founder of the French Touch Conference

La French Touch Conference is not just a sequence of lectures,
it is an experience!

Our goal is to build the bridge between alternative ecosystems, promote innovation and creativity. It’s a business conference with a French taste! The mix of creativity, audacity and business.